Who we are

The aim of adis e.V. is to develop professional anti-discrimination work in the Reutlingen and Tübingen region.

We …

… provide individual advice to anyone affected by discrimination, either directly or indirectly;

… offer space, support and resources to people who have experienced discrimination so that they can act together to take greater control of their own lives (empowerment);

… organise education and training in the field of anti-discrimination;

… intervene through events and public outreach, networking and lobbying at the local and state levels.

adis e.V. supports the development of a state-wide anti-discrimination network.



In 2010 a young black man from Reutlingen took court action after he had been repeatedly refused admission to a local night club. He won his case on appeal before the State Court in Stuttgart on the basis of the German General Law on Equal Treatment (AGG) and was granted damages. The case made local and national headlines. It became clear that this was not an isolated incident. Many people, not only in Reutlingen, experience discrimination every single day of their lives. (Information about the AGG: http://adis-ev.de/der-verein/das-allgemeine-gleichbehandlungsgesetz/)

The young man won his case only with the help by the Office for the Implementation of Equal Treatment in Berlin. In contrast, no such support structure for victims of discrimination existed in the Reutlingen area. In 2012 the franz.K social and cultural centre and Reutlingen’s Migration/Integration Network launched an “anti-discrimination round-table”. This open forum was joined by a wide range of organisations, initiatives and local government representatives.

The goal of the round-table was to set up an anti-discrimination office in Reutlingen: to provide advice and support to anyone experiencing discrimination. The round-table also wanted to raise public awareness of everyday discrimination in Reutlingen and to further vigilance against it.

In cooperation with the BruderhausDiakonie’s Youth Work, Education and Migration Service (FJBM) the round-table applied for funds which could be used for the development of an anti-discrimination bureau.

A similar anti-discrimination round-table was set up in Tübingen in 2014.

In late 2014 the Tübingen and Reutlingen round-tables joined forces in the Anti-Discrimination Network, Reutlingen/Tübingen Region. With new funding we established an advisory service, a youth anti-discrimination project and several empowerment groups. Since 2015 we have been offering one-on-one counselling to people who have experienced discrimination. In spring 2018 the Anti-Discrimination Network renamed to adis e.V. without change of the legal form.


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Article on projects


TALK is a youth anti-discrimination project (since 2012). The German acronym stands for “Dance/Music and Action in the District of Reutlingen”. TALK is about speaking out. TALK aims to encourage young people to stand up to exclusion and discrimination, to develop their own potential and to empower each other.

The project is primarily for young people aged between 15 and 18 who experience marginalisation. This might be due to their ascribed or actual migrant background, their skin colour, a disability, their social or educational status, their gender identity, their sexual orientation or similar attributes. Youths who are not affected or do not feel affected by discrimination can also take part in the project.

Young people are participating in theatre, rap, hip hop, dance, photo and video workshops. They give artistic expression to issues which concern them. At the end of the school year they present their work on the main stage of the franz.K.

The young people are supported by stage professionals. Throughout the creative process mentors are available to facilitate discussion and reflection by the participants of a wide range of matters, including issues beyond the scope of the workshops themselves.

TALK is run by the franz.K social and cultural centre, the BruderhausDiakonie’s Youth Work, Education and Migration Service (FJBM) and adis e.V..

adis e.V. receives funding from the “Local networking – democratic action” programme of the Non-Institutional Youth Education Working Group in Baden-Württemberg (LAGO).