Advisory services

Discrimination is:

The devaluation or unequal treatment of people based on (perceived) attributes, such as colour, origin, language, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, appearance or social status.

We offer to help:

Anyone who experiences discrimination, either directly or indirectly

What kind of help do we offer?

  • We listen
  • We encourage you to stand up to discrimination
  • We inform you about your rights
  • We discuss possible strategies and responses with you (letters of complaint, mediation, legal action, etc.)
Our principles:
  • We are on your side!
  • Strict confidentiality!
  • We won’t do anything which you don’t want!

Our advice is free.

How to contact us

beratung [at] adis-ev [dot] de

Telephone hotline: 07071 143104-10

Our advice is free.

Logo der Antidiskriminierungsstelle des Bundes mit englischem Titel (Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency)
The advisory service ist promoted by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency

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